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Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have just seen a plant covering a trellis in looks just like a Jasmine.Not the yellow winter flowering had white flowers.Does anyone know what this plant is? Thankyou.



Solangium (Potato plant)

20 Nov, 2009


Unless im thinking of a different plant called Potato Vine...

20 Nov, 2009


Well I was nearly right ! The white one is very nice if a little tender.

20 Nov, 2009


it could of course be a white jasmine though it is doing well if it is. any chance of a photo?

20 Nov, 2009


My white jasmine is doing very well - and curving over the yellow winter one which started flowering a couple of weeks ago. Admittedly my postage stamp of a garden is very sheltered (typical Victorian terrace back-yard) but I saw a white one in a north London front garden last week still in full flower.

22 Nov, 2009

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