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What do I click on to reply to questions about my question?



Go back to your where you see your question, then scroll down the page and you'll see a box for you to type in, write in there and below the box you'll see 'submit' .... click on that and you've done it :-)

19 Nov, 2009


I'm not sure its possible for guests to do that, Louise - I think they have to post any answers as another question. I could be wrong, but Ithought that's how it worked - if that's the case, Guest, why don't you just join - it's a lot easier!

19 Nov, 2009


Really ?
If that 'is' the case i think that's a bit silly. (frown)

19 Nov, 2009


yes you can ask a question but cant comment, like that on alot of sites, have to join to comment, stops unwanted trouble i guess

19 Nov, 2009

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