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The Stephanotis in my conservatory, five years old and five foot high, suddenly produced a fruit - like a small avacado - a couple of years ago, which eventually split open to release seeds like big dandelion seeds.
One of it's offspring, whilst still small and only two years old, has now also produced a fruit.
Is this common or a rare occurrence? - since none of my gardening books talk about Stephanotis fruit. What should I do to increase the chances of producing more fruit?

with kind regards

Marianne Hope

On plant Stephanotis floribunda



when in flower use a paintbrush to transfer pollen from flower to flower. this will increse the chance of fruit set. its a lovely plant. lucky you.

8 Nov, 2009


I agree it's a lovely plant. I've tried them but can't keep them as my unheated GH faces south and though it's double glazed it's too cold in winter. The perfume on you 4' plant must be wonderful.

9 Nov, 2009

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