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I have a beautiful grape vine Vitis Vinera ? which produced about 40 bunches of black grapes in the summer, we didnt eat any of them, not sweet enough, and think now we didnt give them enough water, as they started to split.They grow over a percoda, leaves are now turning brown the grapes are withered, what do I do now? shall I cut vine back to trunk? and remove all foilage. A bit frightened I will kill it. Thankyou

On plant Vitis Vinifera grape vine



Don't prune yet wait until it is completely dormant before you do that but do remove the withered grapes. The BBC Gardening website has some good advise on pruning

I realise yours are on a pergola or pagoda - I'm not sure which one you mean but the basics of pruning are still the same.

2 Nov, 2009


Do as Moongrower says regarding pruning. You should have thinned out in July, also the ground/paving should be damp in hot weather. Feed Blood, Fish and bone in March, water roots with Epsom salts April, May and June.

2 Nov, 2009


Dr B you've done it again :-)

2 Nov, 2009


Mg, you'll be getting me bigheaded soon.

2 Nov, 2009


is it a desert grape? if not then that could be why they dont taste so good. try making wine from them.

2 Nov, 2009


That's what I've done Seaburngirl. I just happened to have a juice extractor so the pips were no problem. Whether it's a good idea only time will tell as it won't be drinkable for months - and months.

2 Nov, 2009


The fact that they were splitting does tend to indicate lack of water though.

Dr B I don't think you'll ever be 'big-headed' lol

2 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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