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By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

hi all have any of use ever seen or heard of a fertiliser that that keeps slugs and wireworm away i have been digging my spuds up roosters massive potatoes and a great crop but everyone has either a few tiny holes in them or my pal mr slug has burrowed down in ,now i wouldnt mind eating the odd one but they take a nibble and move on to the next im going down every avenue to get rid of these blighters and an old guy up the road suggested this fertiliser when planting the spuds so my friends have you ever heard tell of this or any suggestions i will win my battle this incoming year by any means



afrade I can not help nither slugs or wireworms like lime but nither do spuds may be you could plant greens next they love lime then spuds the year after' you will have got rid of most of them

1 Nov, 2009

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