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Growbags and comerical compost

What does everyone do with the compost and growbags used for growing tomatoes / beans in once they have finished?



Put it on your garden or save and use for potting up plants.

28 Oct, 2009


If you have a compost heap use them there, if not just dig into your veggie plot.

28 Oct, 2009


I just dig it into the beds, shame to waste it.

28 Oct, 2009


Oh lord don't waste it Gardenamateur useful resource.

28 Oct, 2009


Be careful before putting old potting compost into the garden - I've found vine weevil grubs in my tubs holding busy lizzies so it is being carefully examined now before re-using.

28 Oct, 2009


Hi, What I do is ....first of all if there has been no problem like Vine W.or any other pest in it, after making that decision I emty it into one of 2 large containers. The first container has the V.W. free compost in, the second has any pest ridden compost put into it. I will then use the good compost for potting up in large containers that I am going to grow Veggies or edible stuff, because the V.W. treatment is not suposed to be used on compost that edible crops are in. The bad compost is then treated for pests and left over winter, and will then be used for potting up pot plants.Compost is back to good condition with adding the correct amount of firtilizer. I used to put VITAX Q4 in my used, and my made up compost from raw ingrediants peat, sharp sand ,and loam if I had got some. I haven't been able to find any powder type VITAXQ4 only granular stuff. Hope this helps Frank

28 Oct, 2009


Thank you everyone, I'll use it then rather than putting it in my brown bin and sending it to the council tip!

29 Oct, 2009

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