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how will this warm spell affect the garden


By Pamg

east midlands, United Kingdom Gb

its 16 deg.C at 10.00 am and very warm in the sun how will the gardens cope do you think? ( last year --I understand was much cooler)



nature will do its own thing. some plants may put on fresh growth that will be knocked back by the frosts. others will do nothing and of course the grass will continue to grow :o(

28 Oct, 2009


it is 10C here in the shade but much warmer, to the point of feeling hot, in the sun. As SBG says some things may start growing and then get knocked back but it really isn't a big deal. Mother Nature will look after everything in her own way, even if that does kill some thing off!

28 Oct, 2009


If its any comfort, Pamg, although it was much, much colder last year at this time, that was an aberration compared to the last 10 years or so - the warm weather we're having now is much more like what we've been having during the decade, and plants have coped - it's the old rule of nature, adapt or die...

28 Oct, 2009


for many plant adapogens in plant from iceage,so many plant more hardy than book say for short time. this warm time no prob if you need to water an evn less if not.
As MG say Mother Nature no best cos she sort thins out 10000yrs a go.

28 Oct, 2009

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