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why is my gentiana strathmore going brown?


By Haggis

United Kingdom Gb

i live by the coast and have my gentiana in a pot on balcony 2 floors up it does get quite windy, i only planted it about 5-6 weeks ago and they are quite small.I also have gentiana marsha planted with them which i have just cut back for winter.



At this time of year the autumn flowering gentians do start to die back and this is probably what is happening to yours. At the same time I would have to say that a 2nd floor balcony is not the ideal spot for any of the gentiana family. This one prefers semi-shade, and grows best in an alpine house or raised bed. It will not appreciate the exposure to wind when it is not flat down on the ground.

26 Oct, 2009


I totally agree with MoonGrower...I live on the coast of Scotland too and virtually all Gentians have always been difficult for me - and I give them textbook conditions... well as far as I can...LOL I am not surprised it is going brown. Two floors up is FAR from ideal...the wind will desiccate gentians in no time...if it doesn't whip them out of their pots first!! Sorry Haggis - I doubt if they will survive up there.

26 Oct, 2009

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