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is it to late to sow grass seed in october ?


By Spencer

United Kingdom Gb

is it to cold for seed to geminate in october



October's okay, but the trouble is, its now late October and I don't know about where you are, but its pretty chilly here at nights in West London already. As grass seed isn't that expensive, you could put it down anyway - it might wait for ages to germinate, and get going in the spring, or you may have to redo it in the spring. I have done it this late and it did grow, but not for ages, and never got going till spring, really. Worst problem was trying to keep the birds and cats off the area, so it was nearly six months with sticks and criss crossed string.

20 Oct, 2009


Depending on how much you want to sow, you can now get seed that's treated to make it germinate faster. and it does.

20 Oct, 2009

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