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When should I move a New Zealand Tea Bush Lepiospermum Scoparium - Red Damask


By Choney

United Kingdom Gb

The plant is 3 years old and now 6ft tall. It is planted infront of a west facing wall. It flowered profusely during the past summer and has a second flush now (October) on a number of its branches. We live in Essex and do not normally encounter too severe a winter. For archetectural reasons I would like to move the plant further along the same wall to give it more room and to appreciate it better. Could I move it now - we are in a mild autumn or if I leave it how tall/wide is it likely to grow assuming it likes where I have placed it - optimum conditions.

On plant Lepiospermum Scoparium - Red Damask



Well it obviously does like its current position - the heights for this plant are said to be "5 x 3 feet after 5 years, ultimately 10 feet tall" and yours is 6 feet already.
I think its a bit risky to chance moving it, as its a bit tender, but if you really need to and are prepared to lose it, then I'd do it by next week.

19 Oct, 2009


I love this shrub. My second one (on a west facing fence) succumbed to frost last winter after 4 years outside but it did last longer than it's predecessor! Like Bamboo I think it's a bit risky to move it. I've also lost 3 pink ones over the years so they are tender even down here in the South. I did manage to keep the Red Damask to a reasonable size by pruning after flowering but I suppose you wouldn't then get a second flush. Good luck!

19 Oct, 2009

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