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I would like to overwinter lots of non frost hardy fuschias.

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cold greenhouse available.



You could probably do it if you put some heat in the greenhouse - non hardy fuchsias are more likely to survive if the temperature doesn't fall below 10 degrees C

18 Oct, 2009


You don't need heat at all. But you will need DRY compost in your containers. And you need to ensure they are NOT overwintering chaffer grubs.

Leave the foliage on to accelerate the drying process. Once the soil is dry-ish cut all their stems to 1/3 their original length and remove all foliage. Pile them up together in a dark corner of your garage and they should be fine until mid-March when you should see fresh growth. Then they need daylight once more and be VERY sparing with water. Safer to err on side of caution during April.

18 Oct, 2009


Oh well, you pays your money and you takes your choice, Millstream!

18 Oct, 2009


I have one trailing Fuchsia that has survived being overwintered in my cold greenhouse for several years now, but I think he's an exception!

I read that you can just dig a hole in the ground and dump all your fuchsias in that, bury them and dig them up again in the spring....I've not tried this, but I intend to this winter.

18 Oct, 2009


Sid - that only works for hardy fuchsias, they're safer in the ground than in a pot during winter. Half hardy ones do need greenhouse, so don't risk it!

19 Oct, 2009

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