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What variety of euonymus is this? If it is.


By Pma

United States Us

Opposite leaves turning to heart shaped. Small leaves - 1/2 to 3/8 inches. Reddish stems. Grows upright, rangy but may be due to shade. Currently about 4' high. Re responses:

Not a cotoneaster. I have those and they do not have opposite leaves. Haven't had any blossoms on it. I have a Lonicera 'Halliana' On it the pairs of leaves are parallel to each other. On the plant I submitted each pair is at right angles to the adjacent pair. Still a Lonicera?

On plant Euonymus




i'm no expert but the 1st thing i thought was cotoneaster horizontalis?

18 Oct, 2009


That is what it looks like to me too.

18 Oct, 2009


Well it certainly isn't Euonymus - need a pic of the whole plant Pma - it could be cotoneaster, but I'd expect that to be full of berries at this time of year. Reminds me of Myrtle as well as Cotoneaster

18 Oct, 2009


Looks like Lonicera nitida, especially if the leaves are in pairs.

18 Oct, 2009


Looks like cotoneaster

18 Oct, 2009


Sorry, this is definitely Lonicera nitida.

18 Oct, 2009


Lonicera nitida :)))

19 Oct, 2009


does it have berries, my L nitida has purple berries and the cotoneaster red ones

19 Oct, 2009

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