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Badger trouble

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Has anyone had any success keeping out old brock the badger. He (and/or she) have desimated our lawn on and off this year.



I think the reason people are not dashing to answer your question is we get this question a lot and after all the surgestions we allways come to the short answer we don't know all we can do is simphersise, or blame you for geting your soil in sutch good shape that it is now full of fat juicy worms. sorry car'nt help.

15 Oct, 2009


There are lots of them where I live but I have fenced off any gaps, keeps rabbits away too. I did once have a rabbit trying to burrow under the fence so I put some of my dog's poo in the hole, never saw the rabbit again.

16 Oct, 2009


We are at our wits' end at how to keep them out. They've dug under a strong fence; we blocked up the hole - they just pushed the heavy blocks aside.

We are seriously considering an electric fence, as used by farmers to keep their animals IN!!

17 Oct, 2009


if you put the fence around the set every one would be gratefull' seariosuly there is no answer unless the farmers were you live get permition for a cull.I don't disagree with a cull only the farmers reason ,I do not belive that badgers give TB to cows 'I belive that it is the other way round, cows slober all over the grass when they eat ,were as badgers root pig like after worms,

18 Oct, 2009

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