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i have a large Mimosa pudica plant and my frends would like to have one it has lots of pink flowers on it could you please tell me and send me a photo or the seeds or seed pods my name is Edward and i am 12

On plant Mimosa pudica



Hi Edward and welcome to GoY - nice to see a young person who is interested in growing plants. Given that the seeds are not expensive to buy this is probably your best route to go as you are guaranteed fertile seed. Visit where you can order them.

Oh and you might want to delete your e-mail address from your question for security.

13 Oct, 2009


welcome edward. moon grower is right you can buy the seeds . the advice about not showing your e-mail address is very sensible. you can talk to us using the private message part .
enjoy growing your mimosa. they are great fun. but dont over touch it or it will die.

13 Oct, 2009

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