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Camelia Pruning


By Helcat

United Kingdom Gb

I have inherited a massive Camelia bush and I'd really like to prune it right back to a third of it's size. Can I do this in one go? If so, what time of year should I do this?



Hi Helcat and welcome yes you can prune but now is not the right time, needs to be when the Camelia has just finished flowering and before it puts on new growth. You can cut back to 12 - 18 inches and after about 8 weeks new shoots will emerge these will end up 2 - 3 foot in height by end of summer.

12 Oct, 2009


Camellia is one of those plants that will cope with little and often pruning, but may not cope at all with a drastic prune back. If you want to attempt reducing it by that much, as Moongrower says, best time will be after its flowered - I did one in late May/early June and to my surprise, it recovered and is growing still - I'd reduced it by half and was prepared for it not to survive.

12 Oct, 2009

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