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Gladioli bulbs!!


By Rufus67

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi again. Thanks for sorting out my montbretia dilemma - now have a question about gladioli I need to dig them up and store them during the winter and if so when should I do this? Thanks in advance



Hi Rufus if they are the hardy border gladioli you can leave them in the ground. If they are the tender variety to save the corms for the following year, dig them up before the first frost is due, wash soil off, and cut the stems back leaving around a centimetre of stem. Dry the corms for 2–3 weeks in a warm, airy place. Store in mesh bags (or old nylon stockings) at 3 - 6C in a cool, dry, frost free area until it is time to replant.

12 Oct, 2009


Thanks Moongrower, I will go in search of some old tights. This website is brilliant - I have so many questions.........

12 Oct, 2009


Then keep asking...

12 Oct, 2009

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