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Can I save my rose that has snapped in the wind?


By Fifey

United Kingdom Gb

I bought a rose with beautiful small yellow/pink flowers that had been grafted on to one stem like a standard. The stem has just completely snapped in the wind. Is there anyway I can save it? I am not concerned about it being a standard as it looked a bit odd anyway.



put it togather and bandage it with rafia suport if nesasery'not too tight,just tight enough to do the job and treat it as if it were whole ,you will proberly get away with it.

4 Oct, 2009


Cliffo's right, this does sometimes work - if its completely snapped off, use a stick as a support and strap that onto the stems with the "bandage" - last time I did this, I used an old pair of tights - looked bad, but worked.

4 Oct, 2009

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