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I have never managed to keep my Amaryllis bulbs until the following year. However, I am trying again this year. Do I feed them whilst they are flowering or not.



I dont feed mine until the flower is dead and removed. I then feed every 14 days until about april/may. I reduce the watering, the leaves are allowed to die back. I did this 4 yrs ago and whikst the bulb grew in my second yr there were no flowers but yr 3 + 4 it has flowered but in April/May not at Christmas. I suspect these are specially 'forced' by the growers for rapid results.

1 Dec, 2012


That's what I do too - let it dry completely in summer and start watering a few weeks before you want it to flower. As Seaburngirl says, it may take a year or two to build up to flowering again - some high potash fertiliser while the leaves are still green might help.

1 Dec, 2012


Amaryllis is a genus of 1 species, and is hardy down to about minus 5 deg c, what you probably have is Hippeastrum, which is often sold as amaryllis, but from different continents, and is frost tender.
plant the bulbs in autumn with the neck and shoulder above the soil, in john innes no 2, place in full light and water sparingly until growth commences, then water freely,and feed with a dilute, balanced liquid feed every 2 weeks, after flowering, reduce the watering, and allow the leaves to die off, then keep dry until starting them off again the following autumn, only repot them every 3-5 years as they resent root disturbance, Derek

1 Dec, 2012

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