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Trachelospermum Jasminoides - possible to grow in pots?


By Patman

London, United Kingdom Gb

I have a workshop in the garden with a west facing wall that I'd like to cover up with some greenery. I'm keen on Trachelospermum Jasminoides as it's an evergreen climber with lovely scented flowers. However, I wondered if I could grow 3 or 4 in containers and still cover the workshop wall (which is approximately 10ft long by 8ft high)? If so, how large would the containers need to be to permit this level of growth? Thanks.



i have seen this prospering in tubs,but obviously watering has to be regular.600mmx600x600 should do.

29 Sep, 2009


Agree with Jeremy, but I've no idea what his metric sizes equate to, so I'm going to say get containers which are a minimum of 2 feet deep by 12 inches wide, more if you can manage it.

29 Sep, 2009


I'm too old to 'go metric' and have enough to do learning all things digital Lol. But the biggest container you can manage as once the get going they can get big. GC's have them on display in pots. I have four, two of which are large. I wouldn't be without them as their scent is fantastic and a fab Autumn colour.

30 Sep, 2009


Thanks all for your answers. I spotted some yesterday at a GC and they had some lovely mature examples grown in pots (approx 3ftx2ftx2ft). I will have to give it a go.

8 Oct, 2009

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