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How do I get Bletilla to flower?

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I have two large pots of Bletilla Striata - one is sited in semi-shade and the other in full sun. They produce plenty of healthy foliage but as yet no flowers! I have had these plants for about 3-4years and am still awaiting their first blooms. Whet's wrong? I live in East Yorkshire.

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You need to move the one in full sun into semi-shade, they like ir around them and lots of water but you need to let the compost dry out between waterings; must be in well-draining soil (an organically rich mixture with lots of pebbles or sand is best). And, odd as it seems, they need veranalising - a period of extended cold in winter when the temperature doesn't get above 5 or 6 C in order to come into flower, keep them pretty dry during this time. Shouldn't have thought that would be a problem for you in Yorkshire.

29 Sep, 2009

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