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I want to grow a hedge using Griselinia Littoralis in a limited space

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Can we grow a hedge in pots/troughs in a narrow space in front of our house along a wall?



I think you would have problems as this is a large hedge specimen. You could try something like boxus

27 Sep, 2009


Thank you moon grower. I wanted to try something a bit different to boxus and something quite quick growing. Would you have any other suggestions that can grow in pots?

27 Sep, 2009


Not really - anything that can be grown in pots is, by definition, slow growing :-(

27 Sep, 2009


You could try Lonicera nitida - there's a yellow leaved variety called Baggeson's Gold, and a plain green one. You'd still need large pots though, say 2 feet deep by 10 inches wide.

27 Sep, 2009


Thank you Moon grower - I guess was just looking for an instant fix for hiding unsightly 'wheelie bins' , I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
Bamboo I will look into your suggestion the pot size sounds about right for the space I have. I will just have to be more patient!!

28 Sep, 2009


How about an alternative suggestion... Put a trellis around the wheely bins and the tubs in front of with clematis and the like in.

28 Sep, 2009


And to add to MG's suggestion, you could then just use taller, evergreen shrubs in the pots instead of a barrier hedge. I thought of another hedging type plant you could use - Euonymus japonica 'aureus' - much more attractive (well I think so) than the Lonicera I suggested earlier.

28 Sep, 2009


That might just fit the bill - trellis, tall shrubs and climbers. Thank you both.

29 Sep, 2009


...this may help.....Here's a little project I struggled to find information on.

How much soil do I need to grow laurels in to create a hedge.

Well, I built these planters out of railway sleepers, filled bottom with a couple of pebbles then lined with a weed netting to retain soil.

Working great after 2 years, probably 6ft high now. The fencel panels are 6ft high, if it helps you picture heights.

27 Aug, 2012

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