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where can I purchase a Curry Leaf Plant or seeds please?


By Mike44

G.Manchester, United Kingdom Gb

Also my strawberry plants in the greenhouse planted in compost went wild with runners and leaves but only three strawberries,what am i doing wrong? help!



Hi Mike.

The Curry Plant can be usually seen in the herb section in any good garden centre. There are a couple of named clones including a more compact form. It is a type of Helichrysum (H. italicum).

Now there is however a plant called the Curry leaf that is used in south east Asian cooking. If this is the plant you mean, it can be taken as stem cuttings from fresh shoots (local asian deli perhaps). Look at this link:

I will let an expert more familiar with strawberries answer your other part of this question.

27 Sep, 2009


I'll answer your strawberry one if I can.

It sounds to me a two parter. The soil/compost possibly has been too rich, at least in Nitrogen which has encouraged growth at the expense of flowers and fruit. They need more Potassium to initiate flowers.

The other part to this is why do you have them in a greenhouse? The temperature will be too high for them. This is likely to cause any flowers to become blind and not develop fruit.

The two habitats that the genus Fragaria (Strawberries) are most often found are woodland edge (cool) and sub alpine (cool), not sub tropical :-)

28 Sep, 2009


if you need any seeds send me a email.I have loads ot trees and plants.they just drop of and seed them selves.

14 Oct, 2009

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