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climbing plants?

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Please can anybody tell me what this climber is? how I should treat it? etc I've just moved to this house & it has this plant all over the front brickwork. The tendrils grow like crazy when I trim them.There are big leaves like Virginia creeper & also very small ones. I live on sea front. Its nice cover but grows far too quickly. Thanks anyway Jon




its a Parthenocissus, not sure which one - there's a blog on this site about these plants called Vines not Wines ,by Spritzhenry I think. Go to her home page, select it and have a look at that.
Whichever variety it is, they do take over if you let them - hack it back when necessary, but bear in mind, the leaves are about to turn bright red before they all drop off ,so you might want to leave some to get that lovely display, and then sweep up the fallen!

21 Sep, 2009


Thanks Bamboo & everybody for helpful replies & advice. Brillaint site for garden, plants help etc. Will def use as I'm hopeless but willing. Will now research Parthenocissus! Jon

22 Sep, 2009

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