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Do you stock Seaburngirl rose

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I am looking for a rose named Maureen and understand this is one



I'm not quite with you there Sandylaing.
How can your rose called Maureen also be called Seaburngirl ?

This doesn't sound right.
Can you give a bit more info ? :)

20 Sep, 2009


i am seaburn girl and the rose i have and use as my avitar is New Dawn does this help. i think you can get a new 'improved' form from david austen roses.

20 Sep, 2009


it must be nice for a Yourkshire lass to have some one fall in love with her just by seeing her avitar lol

20 Sep, 2009


better than the reallity of the fact i had a driving license. yes honest that was the initial attraction apparently. i must had had other good points as we have been together since 1977!

he is yorkshire, i'm from co durham.

20 Sep, 2009


that is a life sentance, (joke) that is lovley, you must have had brass, that's what turns them on lol

20 Sep, 2009


yes brass but not gold! i can cook a reasonable roast and grow my own plants [cheaper food!]. we often remind each other we would get let out on remission for good behaviour several tims over :o)

20 Sep, 2009


Hallo Sandylaing. If you go to the RHS site, and go to the 'Plantfinder', type in 'Rose Maureen' and see if there is one. There may also be other plants with that name, so try 'Maureen' on its own, to find out.

Good luck.

20 Sep, 2009


you have it all wronge , I was let out for bad behaviour' twice, settled down now,

23 Sep, 2009

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