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My red coryline is dying.


By Linda2

Hants, United Kingdom Gb

It is in a large pot outside but fairly sheltered & the top is still red so can I save it, the funny thing is my mum said hers was doing the same & she is normally very good with plants. It always looses a few leaves but this year the majority are dying off below.what should I do.



Not sure what you mean by dying - have you got the plant outside in the garden, first, it's not in the house, is it? Secondly, do you mean it's losing some of its lower leaves, but that the top is still fine and growing?
Some lower leaf loss is quite normal on these plants - but I don't know how many leaves its losing, and nor do I know if that's what you're seeing...?

20 Sep, 2009


Mine too I transferred it from a pot to the garden and it has started to look all limp. The plant is 3 years old and dose not like being in the ground. Pollyanna

20 Sep, 2009


thank-you for your replies.

23 Sep, 2009

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