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How to look after a particular house plant during the winter

Ariege/Midi Pyrenees, France Fr

I have a very leafy house plant which produces one at a time large orange daisy-like flowers on long stems. I THINK it is a Gerbera but not sure. I know it does not like direct sunlight and needs lots of water but that's all. I have just pruned a flower that had died but I see that right at the bottom another is growing. Can anyone tell me how to keep it during the winter. Thanks Wendy



The following from Hessayon's House Plant Expert on Gerbera:

Average warmth, 50 -70 F when flowering. Brightly lit spot with some direct sun. Keep moist at all times, mist leaves occasionally.
Care after flowering: Discard or place in greenhouse.
(not sure what the latter one means, really, sort of implies it's only a temporary visitor,but you'll have to see how it goes, I guess.)

20 Sep, 2009

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