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Phormium sundowner

Louth, Ireland Ie

My phormium is growing, what worries me is my Dad has one (about 15/20 years old) its the size of a medium sized caravan I couldnt cope with that ! It is a sundowner & meant to grow about 5ft - is this realiable ?jojo



Sundowner is one of the smaller Phormiums - your father's "caravan" is probably Phormium tenax, which gets much bigger. I'd advise you though, to keep an eye on the width of your phormium - its really an evergreen perennial and, as such, increases its size by spreading sideways. When you notice its now getting a bit too big (sideways, not up!), dig it up, split the rootball, and replant the sections, if you want to keep both. Best done in the spring, if you need to.

18 Sep, 2009


Thanks so much - first time using a gardening website - Im so impressed !


19 Sep, 2009


I have the smaller ones Jo and they're a great addition to the garden.

I do as Bamboo suggests too :)

19 Sep, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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