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anyone have any suggestions for container planting round an indoor swimming pool


By Rigglat

United Kingdom Gb

the temprature is 30ish and the humidity is also high



Firstly do you have an ozone system for the pool which also helps to reduce the chemical impact on your plants? Is it a shady room or sunny? perhaps you could try Monstera or philodendron, Ficus although Ficus benjamina hates chlorine. Ferns like humidity and if planted correctly may do well. Lots of ferns to choose from to make quite a striking display.

18 Sep, 2009


Oh dear I don'tthink most plants like temps of 30C plus high humidity - I know I don't :-)

18 Sep, 2009


What am I missing here?
Ferns prefer humidity and moist conditions with night temperatures of 55-70 degrees and day 75-85 degrees. and Phildendron night temperatures of 65-60 degrees, daytime temperature of 75-85 degrees, palms, some Fiscus can also be considered. Sorry have not converted but 82f is 28c so 30ish should be possible?

18 Sep, 2009


All the ferns I know like cool conditions... but obviously they are outdoor ferns. I remember staying in a fancy hotel in Ayr where they had a huge indoor pool and cafe area... the whole place had a moorish look to it. They'd given up on live plants due to the problems involved and were using plastic ones instead.

I have no indoor pool so have no personal experience.

18 Sep, 2009


A hotel is a public pool so perhaps greater chlorine/plant problems? which an ozone system can help reduce.

18 Sep, 2009


i've seen dracena's and an aspidistra growing quite well but there was plenty of light fom a twinwall polycarb roof

18 Sep, 2009


ferns will stick most conditions, but need to be avoided when the back of the leaves turn brown, when they do best move them outside so that people do not brush aginst them.

19 Sep, 2009

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