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had a caesalpininia geillisii for two years in a pot died off in the winter has grown to about 20" no flower should I bring inside or plant in border


By Wilson

United Kingdom Gb

live 4miles from the coast (Southwold) we live in a semi sheltered spot

On plant Caesalpinia



Couldn't find this in any of my encylopaedias, but found it on Google - it seems to be hardy in Zones 8-10 in the USA, so that would equate to being slightly tender here. If you plant it in a sheltered spot where it gets full sun, and give extra protection with fleece or similar if this winter turns out to be a "proper" winter (with very low temperatures), it should survive.

17 Sep, 2009


Although this climber is not hardy for the British climate, I know two people in the UK (one in Kent and one in Devon) who have successfully grown it outside in a protected position for several years

They are beautiful plants (I have the C pulcherrima) and are known as the Bird of Paradise plants in many countries although not related to the Strelitzia family.

17 Sep, 2009

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