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tyne+wear, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone give me any advice on how to take care of geraniums outside. I have quite a few in pots outside that are still blooming. Ive just been taking dead flowers off, is this right? One of my plants has a lot of stalky bits with no flowers left, looks very much like an upturned umberella without the cloth, should I do anything more to it? Will they stop flowering as winter draws on and then what do I do to them, cut them right back?



Are you talking about Pelargonium geraniums, or Cranesbill geranium? If the latter, you don't need to do anything much. If the pelargonium geranium, they won't survive outdoors over winter - they tolerate up to 10 degrees of frost, but loathe the damp and tend to rot. You will need to bring them indoors in a cool room, or into an unheated greenhouse or, at a push, a garage or shed.

16 Sep, 2009


Hmm to tell you the truth I dont know. I'll try and get a photo of them to show you. Thanks though :)

16 Sep, 2009


Let's try and sort this out - are you talking about the annual plants we all buy called geraniums, with circular leaves with a peculiar smell (not everyone likes them) and sort of large, drumstick flowers in reds, peaches, pinks, or whites that flower all summer?

16 Sep, 2009


spot on.

16 Sep, 2009


These annuals are called Pelargoniums, a google search will bring you up loads of great information :)

16 Sep, 2009


Aw thats great, thanks for taking the time to help me.

16 Sep, 2009


If you get to garden centres quite often have a look at the real Geraniums - the perrenial ones ..... see if you fancy them.
Some of them retain leaves all year round, they have smaller daintier flowers too :)

16 Sep, 2009


Your pelargoniums will need to come indoors, if room is a problem, they respond well to gentle cutting back but depends on variety, ie zonals need more care than Regals or scented. Keep in light dry place away from too much heat and water approx once a month, too much water and light and they will grow straggley then die!
Good to go on web and look, good luck

16 Sep, 2009


Just having a look on the web now. Dont know why I didnt think of it before. Im a numpty. x

16 Sep, 2009


Also, remember that pelargoniums are one of the few plants that grow all year round, albeit slowly over the winter months. Pot up your favourites and put on a bright windowsill. Water very sparingly over the winter.

18 Sep, 2009

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