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Which hedging plants are fast growing but look nice in autumn/winter,and are they any fast growing types what have berries on.



Sounds as if you want an evergreen hedge, then if you want it to look good in the winter - none of the best plants (apart from privet) are particularly fast growing - how tall do you want the hedge to get?

15 Sep, 2009


Try Vibernum which flowers in Autumn/Winter, no berries Pyracantha in mild areas will keep it's leaves, plenty of berries. I saw one yesterday with 5 different coloured berries on.

15 Sep, 2009


Pyracantha makes a very prickly hedge doc bob? Beech is not evergreen but it can look very nice as it turns copper.
Escallonia Hedge is pretty. No good hedging grows very fast though.

15 Sep, 2009


I'd recommend Berberis darwinii, doesn't get too huge, yellow flowers in spring, little bit prickly but not thorny. Or for a larger leaved hedge that does get higher, Photinia fraserii Red Robin - new red leaves, evergreen, fairly large leaved. Berries on Berberis, but not very noticeable cos they're black.

15 Sep, 2009


laylandi, ticks all the boxe's but we have been hear befor, !!! ha ha

16 Sep, 2009


How about Cotoneaster, if you are patient can make a good hedge with some supports.

16 Sep, 2009

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