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the pansy I have recently planted has collapsed, why

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Planted in rundle well watered. The others appear fine. I had firmed it in well. So that wasn't the problem. I have noticed that it has happened before and wonder if there is something in the soil?



I've experienced this many times - quite often, if you leave the plant, it becomes mouldy. Not sure what causes it - even with new compost in a basket, sometimes one or two keel over in this way, even if there are 4 others doing fine. I'd like to know the cause too.... You used to be able to buy something called Plant Pins, intended for houseplants, but I'd put them in the outdoor baskets with pansies in and the problem stopped, but you can't get Plant pins any more, so it may well be something to do with insect infestation of some kind, as plant pins contained systemic insecticide.

15 Sep, 2009

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