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How do I save my Chinese Elm!?

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My bonsai's leaves have started to turn yellow & fall off. I am watering it and feeding it. I am trying to keep it alive because it was a birthday gift. What do I do?



Is it a deciduous tree? Is it possible it should lose its leaves now its autumn? Mind you, what i know about bonsai trees could be written on the head of a pin.... I think the RHS website might have a section on bonsai, google it

14 Sep, 2009


There are two types of Chinese Elm. The indoor evergreen variety. or the larger leaved deciduous kind . The Indoor has leaves approx 1cm long, the leaf losing one has leaves from 2 to 3 cms. long. If ir is the larger leaved it would be better to just let it take its seasonal rest. Water only when soil surface is dry and stop feeding.. If it is the small leaved Indoor kind , again stop feeding and make sure that it is not waterlogged., is there a drainage hole to the container?. stand it in a well lit place but not in full sun and new leaves should appear. To check if tree is still alive , make a very small scratch of the bark, if it shows green or white all is well, but if it shows brown then make similar check lower down . brown wood is dead wood.. The indoor one iis liable to do this leaf losing if moved to a warmer or colder position, usually recovers quite quickly.Keep frost free but cool. Good Luck

14 Sep, 2009

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