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How can I gat rid of about 10 new bamboos which have come up in my flower borders ? (The mother plant is in next door's garden)

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I don't want them, they are overtaking my cottage garden border. They are multiplying rapidly !



No easy solution, I'm afraid. Only way is to thoroughly dig them out, pulling the running roots back to the original plant the other side of the fence, and then insert an impermeable barrier to a depth of 18 inches minimum in the soil along the area.

13 Sep, 2009


Is it worth asking your neighbour to come and collect his runaway plants??? (Then he can do the digging!)

13 Sep, 2009


oooh this is hard stuff,
I recently dug some from someone garden and have it in pots
please please please ask soomeone either too help you or to do it for you if you arent particuarly strong (not being rude) I was in agony for days digging a small patch up


x x x

13 Sep, 2009

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