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What is this plant?

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This has mysteriously (self-seeded?) in my living roof garden! What on earth is it? The berry starts green and goes purple/black. It is small.




I think your plant is Black Nightshade. I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility it is Deadly Nightshade, but I'd say 'Black' is more likely, due to the way the berries are arranged in a cluster. Very toxic. It doesn't have any attractiveness as such, or any ornamental value. The plant just makes leaves and rather poisonous berries, so I would recommend destroying it. Symptoms if ingested are: nausea, vomiting, profuse diarrhoea and colic, headache and respiratory depression, cold clammy skin or fever, and delirium with slow or fast pulse. But deaths are rare.

13 Sep, 2009


Thank you Jonathan....I had no idea!

13 Sep, 2009


It is indeed Black Nightshade.

17 Sep, 2009

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