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can you prune a bottle brush shrub

Engalnd, United Kingdom Gb

all the foliage and flower are at the top of each long branch each branch is getting very woody



You'd normally prune this after its flowered - I remember someone in Australia said they hack it back whenever, but I suggest you leave it till next year and do it before June is out - wouldn't want to kill it by saying hard prune now,

12 Sep, 2009


I think it may be ok to prune now if you are in the warmer part of the country, although it is a surer thing to prune in the Spring, although you may cut off that years flowering growth. They can grow really big and leggy o it is a good plant to keep on top of it. Scratch the bark off on the woody stem and cut the branches back to a leaf node. The new growth should pop out from there.

13 Sep, 2009

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