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how to remove scale insect

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I have a problem with scale insect infestation on Oleander
plants. I would like advice on which products to use to remove them please



There is no effective proprietary treatment for scale, but someone on this site suggests methylated spirits and a cotton bud - you dip and apply to the scale insect and it should lift off.

12 Sep, 2009


Is is globe scale that you can just rub off? These are creepers and fixed hard shell suckers. Are "methylated spirits" AKA rubbing / isopropyl alcohol 70%? If so, then swab both side of leaves and stem. Also I have found NEEM oil to be a very effective spray for cottony cushion scale and all chewing insects (harmless to beneficials).

12 Sep, 2009


Hi Orgratis - I see you're over the pond there! Methylated spirits isn't the same thing as rubbing alcohol - I don't know what we use it for now here, but I used to use it on typewriter keys to clean them - its lilacy purple in colour and has a very distinctive smell. Not sure what its composition is, but it has a high alcohol content I'm sure.

13 Sep, 2009


i have trouble with these pests ..i rub them off with my finger quite effective but its a long job and some are hard to see .some of my plants are now completely free off the little blighters..

13 Sep, 2009

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