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Can you identify a multicoloured ivy leaf shaped shrub?


By Walkem

United Kingdom Gb

Leaves are green/red/yellow. Tha plant has very small white flowers



Any chance of a photo - so far I'm thinking Tiarella Skids variegated? Leucothoe, though that's not ivy shaped leaves...

11 Sep, 2009


Ivy-leaved toadflax? Although the ones here have only green leaves.

11 Sep, 2009


Don't you just hate trying to identify a plant on just two miniscule snippets of information.
Still, I'm throwing in the ID of Houttuynia cordata "chameleon", only because I have carpets of it in the bog, which as you might imagine, is an area I try to traverse at every opportunity. Consequently, I see the plant every time I pass by, and love it enormously.
So, Houttuynia cordata "chameleon" it is.

11 Sep, 2009


Good one, burgundy, never thought of that one. But a clue as to height, spread, etc, would be good, Walkem - I'm well informed, but not psychic;-)))

11 Sep, 2009

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