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What Is This #4


By Saiyuki

hants, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone help please. I would like to plant this but i'm not sure the dimensions it would grow to, or even the name of it.




I'm giving myself neck ache turning my head sideways to check this one out! Any chance of a closer up photo and one the right way up?

11 Sep, 2009


I want to know why I've started pouring tea into my right ear?

11 Sep, 2009


lol burgundy;-)))

11 Sep, 2009


Well I turned my laptop sideways to look at the pix. but still couldn't i.d. As Bamboo says better photo please.

11 Sep, 2009


Hmmm. Sorry about that, but the image is the right way up on my system. I don't know why it's come out sideways on this forum.

A bit of background....

When i moved into my place, there were 3 trees that had been cut down to just above ground level.

The offshoots in the picture were about 30cm high, and now 6 weeks later they are approx 1.75m tall. Fast little blighter is putting it lightly. I like the texture of the leaves and prefer a busy garden over a lawned one, but if this thing will require constant trimming every couple of weeks to keep it under 2m, then i'll look to killing the roots and finding a suitable replacement.

I'll repost a closer image tomorrow.

11 Sep, 2009


If it is a tree then it is highly unlikely to stay below 2 metres. Is that a large old root those shoots are growing from? Unless you want a large tree I'd remove it.

12 Sep, 2009


The diameter of the tree (where it's been cut at just above ground level), is around 100mm and there are 9 offshoots that are approximately 6mm in diameter each growing from it.

The area i live in has trees.bushes and shrubs of all descriptions. Next door has a 5m conker tree (as well as pesky ivy and other creeping plants grrr).

Personally i would like to have a garden that is around 2m high (if that makes sense). I guess the higher something grows, the bigger the sunblock.

I'll have another think on removal.

Thanks for the inputs

12 Sep, 2009


Have a look at my blog on tree stump treatments - click on my icon and select the right one, its short but tells you what to do if you want rid. As Moongrower says, you will be hacking it back on a regular basis to keep it down, as its essentially a tree.

12 Sep, 2009


Saiyuki having trees and shrubs over 2 metres tall will not block light if you site them correctly.

12 Sep, 2009

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