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Plant id please and how to care for it.

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Errr...please could you tell us a bit more? What were the leaves like, and did it flower? How big is it? It's a bit difficult identifying a bare shrub in the winter.

Do the leaves on the left of the photo belong to another shrub, because I think that one might be a Spiraea.

13 Nov, 2012


Based on the little balls on the stems (which are seed pods) I would say it is... or was a Callistemon, Bottlebrush. This is supposed to be evergreen so I'm afraid it is dead.

13 Nov, 2012


Hello Spritzhenry.

Ive no idea what the plant is-new house. The other plant is a spiraea-previously identified.

The plant in question snaps off to the slightest pull so I'm thnking along the lines of volunteer that it is dead.

But is there a precise way of telling before dig up?

13 Nov, 2012


I agree with Volunteer's ID - and I am also affraid it is a dead Callistemon.

13 Nov, 2012


scratch back some bark with your thumb nail. if its showing any signs of green it is alive. if it is brown/grey/beige its dead I'm afraid.

13 Nov, 2012


The latest photos show slight pressure against the plant-it snapped. No green at all. Must assume its demise, sadly.

13 Nov, 2012


That's a shame. Look on it as a planting opportunity, though! :-))

14 Nov, 2012

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