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diva apples


By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

my friends thompson and morgan have these apples trees for sale at £12.99 it says the first year it will have 30-40 apples is great in cold climate,bareroot m9, i would like to ask my friends their advise i had a bad year with my own apples and was thinking of adding a few of these to my orchard 30-40 apples in the first year sounds a bit much and i cant get much info anywhere about diva apples could it be under apples with attitude



I have no idea ...BUT with a name like that I can forsee lots of trouble ahead!!
x xx x

9 Sep, 2009


M9 rootstock, semi-dwarf reaching up to 6ft.
Recommended for small gardens as a dwarf bush or trained against a wall.
Will pollinate with a wide range of other apple varieties
Sweet and juicy dessert apple became quite popular after lyddal sold them for £3.99 last year or year before.(know a buyer there)

9 Sep, 2009


M9 is dwarf root stock so wont get much bigger than 6-8 foot, 30 to 40 apples seems a big claim esp in first year, but i suppose it the perfect apple producing conditions, which isnt likely! but that may be once its older and more established

'Sweet flavour and a delicious tangy bite' is all i can find on the variety Diva

But worth a go! to see.

Me and Drc posted at same time

9 Sep, 2009


have a look at pick out what you fancie get their number from their site ring them and they will discus the trees with you, they are very helpfull

9 Sep, 2009

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