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what can be sow now in the way of vegetables ???

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

and if there is no water or electric in my greenhouse how can i have a ready supply of water to the vegetables in the greenhouse and the garden i do have a hose? and a tap about 100 ft away.someone said get a large black bin and fill this up with water. but the water will not be fresh.



My father has a black bin in his little greenhouse that he keeps topped up with water. He fills the bin with a measured amount of water that has been dosed with something like Tomorite. Being inside the greenhouse it keeps the water at a regular warm temperature and the feed is administered every time he waters his tomatoes and cucumbers. It does not seem to matter that the water isn't fresh. He has won many prizes for his tomatoes, so the idea must work!

9 Sep, 2009


is there away to fed the plants by mat or tubes from the bin that you no.

9 Sep, 2009


You could always fit micro-bore pipes with small pin-holes in them at the right place! Other than that it's not something I've heard of!

9 Sep, 2009

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