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violas to a 16" basket


By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

my friends i sent away to one of these garden centre mail order things you get get 150 viola plugs for £5( i know its cheating but im v busy) well to be truth full i got 750 of them and 150 winter pansys they have arrived v small but seem healthy enough so im wondering how many do i put in my 16" baskets i take it they do spread i always order to much its a silly habit i wish i was on the mainland then i could share them with my good friendson growson you,
by the way how can they do it 150 plugs shipped from jersey to n. ireland all for a £5 god help the guy thats growing them i would think hes not getting much its always the middle man mr fothergill i presume



If by viola you mean the smaller type of pansy, I should think, in a basket that size, with nothing else in it, you could put 10. I'd advise you to pot up, or plant out all of the plants you have as soon as possible while the weather and soil is still warm, so that they can get more roots going before the winter.

7 Sep, 2009


Gosh thats a lot of plants Ricky but they will look the part when in bloom will have to check out this site myself Lol happy planting.....

7 Sep, 2009


i too use jersey plants and at the moment i am growing on pansies.
they arrive really tiny and need potting on in little pots for a couple of weeks indoors or in green house, i put mine outside yesterday for the first time and wont plant them in pots until they get to the same size that you would buy in the shops,
i love getting these plants are they are so good in value, i had the bizzie lizzies throughtout summer and saved a small fortune. i can only imagine the man that pricks out these little plugs must be very very patient. good luck x

8 Sep, 2009

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