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By Mud

manchester, United Kingdom Gb

due to the bad weather ,my tomatos will not go red can i make a chutney out of them



green tomato chtney

x x

7 Sep, 2009


Yes loads of recipes on google or you could put unripe toms with a ripe banana , and hey presto they turn red.

7 Sep, 2009


Yes - but don't give up on the toms going red yet...unless you are dead set on clearing your greenhouse - stick a few very ripe bananas in among the trusses of green tomatoes and they help the toms to turn red....surprisingly quickly! And you never know we could get an Indian summer ....and they will all ripen up nicely. If not - of course green toms make great chutney.

7 Sep, 2009


Or put them in a brown paper bag in a drawer and they will ripen slowly. We have some last year which did not go red until the middle of December, very nice they were too.

7 Sep, 2009


Been making Green Tomato Chutney for years - wonderful stuff!

8 Sep, 2009


I make green tomato chutney every year , from my home grown toms.Also green tomatoes are lovely odd red tomato and a few onions YUM YUM

8 Sep, 2009 are making me hungry!!

8 Sep, 2009


I agree with Alzheimer do not give up yet I dont know the ripe fruit trick but I do know from a longe experance of growing in a cold house that it is not sun or heat that ripens tomatoes, it is air flow , during the day if it is not too coald leve all the windows and door open and strip as much foleage as you dair off, you do not need the leaves to ripen so leave just enough to keep the plant alive, air flow that is he secrate to ripening.

12 Sep, 2009


Quite agree - keep the ventilation HIGH and if you forget to close the greenhouse down at night - don't panic - the tomatoes will just be a bit thicker in the skin - but they will still ripen during the day and taste great...ENJOY 'EM!

12 Sep, 2009

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