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What's the name of the Plant or shrub?

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The shrub is about 5' but looks like it could grow bigger, it flowers twice a year summer and winter and has red flowers on a large spindle. I want to buy one of these plants but haven't seen any in my local garden centre.




Looks like a Callistemon citrinus (the crimson bottlebrush) - one of our Aussie natives. They often reach a height of around 3 metres.

6 Sep, 2009


Yeah,its a Callistemon,prune after flowers are finished

6 Sep, 2009


Hi, I have one of these, it's a Callistemon Laevis. Australian native and not winterhardy so has to be brought indoors or put in a greenhouse. Requires a lot of water during the summer months but is very easy to grow and requires no particular care.

6 Sep, 2009

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