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I received 3 tiny hellebores from T&M yesterday, as a freebie. I was going to pot them on into 9cm pots, but are they ok in the coldframe over winter? They are so small there is no way they will flower next year, so I am after advice to make them as strong and healthy as possible for planting out next spring.



I would imagine so, MWS. They are hardy plants, but if they are really only plugs, they will need some protection, won't they, after you've potted them on.

5 Sep, 2009


Good luck with them.

5 Sep, 2009


Yes, especially from T&M!!!!!

(Several of us have given up on that company after bad experiences!)

5 Sep, 2009


We got 10 double hellebores from T&M a couple of years back.They were very small plants, but potted on and grown on in pots until they were a reasonable size, they prospered and flowered last spring. All were double as promised and a reasonable selection of colours.
I find with Hellebores that they need a deep pot rather than a wide one.

5 Sep, 2009


Make sure the pots don't freeze solid during the winter. Hellebores are evergreen so will need to keep taking up water through the roots

5 Sep, 2009


These are Washfield Doubles apparently, and as usual they looked lovely online. I've just come back in from potting them up, but will take the tip about deep pots the next time they are potted on.

I had read the negative experiences about T&M, but I have to say, so far, I have been pleasantly surrised. I had 7 Heucheras (pictured in my pelargonium question) and apart from one they've all flourished. I suspect the one that didn't make it was because my fat ginger cat used to love to sit on it (as well as do other things!) I've also had a load of hardy geraniums from there which have turned out well. So maybe I'm just lucky! Thanks for your tips and well wishes too.

5 Sep, 2009


Yes, I think you have been! Poor Heuchera. Squashed flat! :-(

5 Sep, 2009

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