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how do i propagate new guinea bizzie lizzies


By B19jfs

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Window plant. No seed



I have regrown bizzies by breaking off small pieces placing in a small ammount of water. Roots grow quickly and just replant.

3 Sep, 2009


Quite agree - the New Guineas are just as easy as any other bizzies to root in water. If you can't find "non-flowering" shoots - as people recommend - just nip off any flowers and pop all the shoots in a glass of water on a window sill - and within a week or two - you will have lots of roots. Untangle them carefully - and I keep them going in water in individual glasses of water until they are sturdy enough (and I have time!)to pot them up in very loose compost...every shot a prize- well nearly!!

3 Sep, 2009

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