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I have a long stip of dirt (about 1 foot wide and 15 feet long) that's between a fence and a driveway. I would like to plant something there (preferably something edible). Any suggestions??
It gets plenty of sun and the driveway is in the backyard so the only traffic it gets is from my 4 yr old's tricycle :)
We're in south Louisiana



you dont say how much sun it gets and where you are in the states so the amount of rain is unknown.
first thought was salad crops or runner beans. Sorry not much help.

6 Nov, 2012


Personally I would not want to grow a food crop next to a driveway as the fumes from the gas will contaminate the crop.

7 Nov, 2012


If there is a possibility of using the fence to grow something up, how about raspberries or blackberries etc? You don't say whereabouts you are as this will affect your choice of crop. Possibly kiwi fruit?

7 Nov, 2012


I agree with MG-engine exhaust, oil and fluid runoff, brake and tire dust runoff, etc., will all take a toll on the edibility of your crop. The trike running over it will play havoc with most plants, also! : )

11 Nov, 2012

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