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What do I do with my agapanthus plant to ensure it grows again next year? Do I cut the stem off now? How can I prepare the seed pods to grow some more? This year was the first year I have had a flower, should I divide the root to try to get 2 flowers next year, or is it too early? I have the plant in a pot at the moment, as I heard that they like to be 'pot-bound'? Thanks.



dont split it as they like to have a restricted root run. I usually put mine under cover to avoid the worst of the winter wet and frost. I dont know how ripe the seed pod is but I doubt if it will continue to ripen now. If the seeds not green then they may germinate next spring. save them in a paper bag/envelope. If the seeds are not ripe/dont ripen any more then I would cut the stem out. {i think ripe seeds are black}

6 Nov, 2012


I hope that it is a deciduous Agapanthus (and therefore hardy) and not the evergreen tender type. The leaves should be going yellow now. If so, trim them off when they go mushy and move the pot to a sheltered spot for winter. Don't split it as it will stop it flowering next year. It only needs dividing once it splits the pot!!

7 Nov, 2012


Thank you very much- appreciated.

7 Nov, 2012

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