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My cherry tomatoes


By Wibbly

United Kingdom Gb

I have some cherry tom plants with quite healthy looking trusses.They don`t seem to ripen very quickly tho`.I have read that I can bring them in and store them with other ripe toms to bring them on. Should I store them with commercially grown fruit? In paper or a plastic tub? At room temperature?Sealed or unsealed?I always appreciate any of your comments thank you Wibbly



stick them in a drawer with a ripe banana, this will help ripen them

1 Sep, 2009


There is still time for them to ripen if they are in a greenhouse if not put them with a ripe banana, I haven't tried this myself , but have heard that it works good luck

1 Sep, 2009


how weird
wonder why it works?
kind of like a reminder as to what they are supposed to do I suppose?

x x

1 Sep, 2009


ripening fruit produce gas called ethelene, and this helps ripening apparently mookins. any ripe fruit will do and paper is always a better choice of bag as the produce wont 'sweat'.

1 Sep, 2009


aaaah I see
cheers hun

x x x

1 Sep, 2009


Hang very ripe bananas in among the trusses of the tomato plants in your greenhouse now and give that a try first. There certainly is time for the fruit to ripen yet and it is always sweeter ripened on the vine. Then - later on you can strip the fruit off and lay them out with any ripe fruit - in newspaper (or cotton wool - in empty drawers was what I used to do .in the good old days!) and they ripened nicely - sometimes right up until don't despair!

1 Sep, 2009

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